What does our season look like?
Production Beers
Infinity IPA What we love in a great IPA is a firm, clean bitterness with a mix of pine, resin, and bright citrus aromas, all capped off with a snappy dry finish. We achieve that luscious imbalance by using copious amounts of American hops at every opportunity during the process. the result is a crisp, toasty, malt flavor that cowers before a massive hoppy bitterness and aroma, crawling its way from the glass to smack your taste buds around.
Cold Fusion Cold Fusion Cream ale is the collision of ale and lager delicately balanced together. A luring floral bouquet of pear fused with an earthy spice from the addition of rye in a smooth, crisp finish that will make your reactor want to melt.
Heliotropic Hoppy Pale Ale Heliotropic Hoppy Pale ale is brewed with generous amounts of wheat and rye, producing a beer with a dense mouthfeel and spicy malt flavor. Comet hops impart bright notes of grapefruit and pineapple. Turn your face to the sun and enjoy this easy-drinking pale ale.
Seasonal Beers
Double Helix Imperial IPA Double Helix is the marriage of two of classic American hops - Cascade and Simcoe. The former brings a clean citrus punch while the latter provides a dank melange of tropical fruits. The toasty malt profile contributes just enough balance to keep the hoppy intensity in check. Grab your base pairs and brace yourself.
Electron SMaSH
Hop: Tahoma - U.S. Grown hop Canned: 4/19/2018
Electrons have one elementary charge. This APA is a Single Malt & Single Hop or better called a SMaSH beer. We use an easy and flavorful base American grown 2row malt and one hop variety. Every time we brew this beer we will use a different hop to showcase the hops flavor profile. What you can expect is a super easy drinking yet very flavorful beer with a heavy hit of aroma and an ever changing flavor profile of fruit, juice, spice and pine. In accordance with the Pauli Exclusion Principle two hops will never touch the same beer.
Singularity Oatmeal Stout Singularity Oatmeal Stout is our attempt to compress a massive amount of oats into a sessionable stout recipe. Featuring both raw and malted oats, Singularity possesses an immensely full body and mouthfeel. Rich, roasty flavors of coffee and cocoa linger on the palate while a frothy, tan head blankets the beer down to the last sip.
Phase Transition Robust Porter Our goal with Phase Transition is to make a beer that plays on the subtleties of chocolate and dark fruit flavors. To that end, we used two chocolate malts baked up by some menacingly dark English crystal malt to yield notes of dried cherries, caramelized raisins, and pure dark chocolate. The addition of piloncillo brown sugar brings an extra layer of complexity while allowing the beer to be dry, with a slight rummy finish
Experimental Beers As you can imagine, it is exceedingly difficult to put together a list of all of the experimental beers that we are planning on brewing/ have brewed/ would love to brew in the future. Check out the "Beeriodic Table of Empirical" put together by our very own Evan Rosdahl! The 2017 table should be coming out soon as well, so stay tuned! If you're looking to see what we have on tap currently at the Taproom, head on over to the taproom page! or click the button below to be magically whisked there though the mysteries of the Interweb superhighway!