Empirical Brewery is committed to giving back to the community around us. We cannot guarantee that every charity will receive our support because our funding capacity is limited. Therefore we have chosen to focus on charities with the following missions:

  • Charities that benefit children and children's education, especially related to science and mathematics.
  • Charities that support animal well-being and care. 
  • Charities that promote science and mathematics. 
  • Charities that help victims of domestic violence.
  • Charities that support cancer research and support for cancer patients.

If you are a charity that falls into one of these categories, please email info@empiricalbrewery.com or steve.milford@empiricalbrewery.com and we will consider supporting your organization with a donation.

Additionally, our taproom is available for use without a rental fee on Monday nights. Taproom usage is subject to availability and other factors.

Please email info@empiricalbrewery.com for more information about taproom usage.