As our name would suggest, we rely on empirical observations to determine our beer lineup. Our brewing team is working hard to perfect our flagship beers so we are offering only seasonals and one-offs for now, as we establish what the market wants year-round.

Soon, we’ll be looking for your feedback on our successes (and failures), in our very own taproom.  For now, we’ll be doing that by data-mining the internet (BeerAdvocate, Untappd, RateBeer, etc.), taking in data from our own expert beer tasters, and collecting your feedback at events and in our future tap room.  For now, nibble on this:

Many Empirical beers fit into the style categories we all know and love.  For these beers, watch for what series they fall into to determine availability.  2πR beers are available all year while πR/2 are our seasonals.  Check out our lineup below!