"oldies but goodies"

one-off beers no longer available

not a tease, just a preview of some of the fun beers we have aged and released in the past.

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Macron Wild Ale.jpg


Wild Ale w/ Mango

4.8% ABV // IBUs 30 // SRM 2.6

Released: March 2019

Our first Wild Ale ever, we drew from a SMaSH beer (Single Malt, Single Hop) and fermented it with Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces and Pediococcus with the addition of mango. Pale malt and Comet hops were used and we ended up adding extra mango at the end of aging right before we packaged it. The beer was light on sour, almost not there, but it was slightly tart with a hefty amount of Brett. funk and it finished dry and tropical. Very happy with our first Wild Ale release!



Wild India Pale Ale

6.0% ABV // IBUs 40 // SRM 6.4

Released: April 2019

BR.OTON Wild India Pale Ale is a wild version of our year-round Proton No Coast India Pale Ale. We ferment the beer with both house ale yeast and Brettanomyces and let it sit from six to eight months while the Brettanomyces adds funk to the beer. Before packaging we heavily dry hop. It’s hoppy yet juicy flavors come from Citra and Mosaic hops. Brettanomyces lends funky, barnyard, hay and earthy flavors while the hops take over the aroma and smooth out the finish. This is a very unique drinking experience as it is two very different styles that clash in the most beautiful of ways.



Wild Ale w/ Passionfruit

4.2% ABV // IBUs 15 // SRM 2.8

Released: November 2019

We took our year round Lumen Lager and fermented it with Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces and Pediococcus along with passionfruit. It aged for about 10 months and then we added more passionfruit. Lumen turned out to be a great base for souring. The result was pleasantly tart with a bit of funk and a load of juicy passionfruit flavor. Pollux was our first beer named after a star. We have continued that tradition and have named all of our coming Wild ales after stars and other awesome distant things in the sky. 

neutronium drafts-02.png

barrel aged neutronium - all of the old variants below

Imperial Rye Stout

11.0% ABV // IBUs 40 // SRM 40

Neutronium Imperial Rye Stout is a special release we do each year because it is one of our favorite base beers for aging in whiskey barrels. Full bodied from additions of rye and chocolate rye with an aromatic balance of Amarillo hops. Post barrel flavors of dark fruit, oak  tannin, cold brewed coffee and toasted bread with a semi-sweet finish. Dangerously drinkable.

2018 - Released September 2018 - Islay Scotch

2018 - Released September 2018 - Breckenridge Bourbon

2018 - Released September 2018 - Koval Rye

ba endo back label.jpg

barrel aged endothermic- all of the old variants below

Baltic Porter                                                  

10.0% ABV // IBUs 30 // SRM 40

Endothermic Baltic Porter is aged each year in a different bourbon barrel for 12-14 months. Full bodied from the delicate lagering process makes this beer an easy drinker for being high in alcohol. We let the wood speak with flavors of black licorice, toffee and dark chocolate. Dangerously drinkable.

2018 - Released December 2018 - Buffalo Trace Bourbon

2019 - Released December 2019 - Woodford Reserve Double Oak