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Unfiltered Lager

4.2% ABV // IBUs 15 // SRM 2.8

Lumen Unfiltered Lager is a clean-finishing, ultra-light response to the growing popularity of craft lagers. Made with Pilsner malt and flaked corn, it’s an unfiltered, premium version of the style arguably most synonymous with the word “Beer.” This is a charismatic and crisp take on a classic that is sure to satisfy even the most casual of palates. It’s a break from the hops and is beautifully light. That’s why we call it Lumen. Step into the light!

cold fusion

Cream Ale

5.2% ABV // IBUs 18 // SRM 4

Cold Fusion Cream Ale is our best seller and our flagship. It’s called Cold Fusion because we fuse elements from both ales and lagers throughout the brewing process to achieve this crowd pleasing, crushable flavor. Rye provides an earthy spice to this crisp, smooth beer and it is a great choice for customers looking for something less hoppy and sessionable. Cold Fusion was featured in a 2017 Chicago Tribune Article titled “10 Chicago Beers to try this Summer” and continues to win over everyone who tries it, especially on nitro!


Juicy Pale Ale

5.5% ABV // IBUs 32 // SRM 3.9

Covalence Juicy Pale Ale is the newest addition to our year round lineup. It is a juicy-flavored, hazy break from some of the more conventional and bitter hops traditionally associated with IPAs. It’s sessionable and juicy flavor from Amarillo, Ekuanot and El Dorado hops makes this beer a must-have for anyone looking to explore the emerging category of Hazy IPAs that have become all the rage as of late. With Chicago’s love of all-things-IPA, Covalence is sure to become a staple during the warmer months and beyond. Covalence is all about sharing but you’ll probably want to keep this beer all to yourself.


No Coast American IPA

6.0% ABV // IBUs 40 // SRM 6.4

Proton No Coast IPA is one of our medal winners. This hoppy beaut took home the gold medal for IPAs at the 2018 Illinois Brew Fest and is charged to the max with Ciara and Mosaic hops. We call it a “No Coast” IPA because we combine processes and brewing techniques that span the category. We combined our personal favorites from west coast, east coast, and traditional English IPAs to create an IPA that stands out from the crowd. It’s a bit of a Frankenstein of an IPA and it very intentionally refuses to sit neatly into a single sub-category of the style. The response has been nothing but positive — just like a Proton.


Kettle Sour

4.5% ABV // IBUs 7 // SRM 6.8

Symbiotic Kettle Sour is our award-winning “gateway” sour and a rising star of our year round lineup. It won a gold medal at the Illinois Brew Fest in 2018 in Berliner Weisse/Witbier/Saison category. It gets its name from the way our yeast and lactobacillus bacteria work in conjunction to create this ultra-light, delightfully tart beer. It is a perfect option for consumers looking for a point of entry into the burgeoning sour beer category as it is very palatable compared to some of the more aggressive sour beers cluttering the growing category. A perfect choice for patio season, this beer is about as refreshing as it gets.

SEASONAL & specialty BEERS

for beers currently on tap, click here


Session Hazy Pale Ale

4.0% ABV // IBUs 28

Available: September until it runs out

Subatomic Session Hazy Pale Ale is the newest hoppy beer in our time vortex. To create an easy drinking yet super flavorful beer we shrunk down the ABV, IBU and in turn the calories as well. At 4.0% ABV this Pale Ale is the most crushable beer on the market and it doesn't lack in flavor. Idaho 7 and Wakatu hops provide a tropical yet dank profile that will invigorate your palate while only consuming in 120 calories. Welcome to the Quantum Realm.


Double Dry Hopped IPA

8% ABV // IBUs 65 // SRM 5.8

Nucleon DDH DIPA is without a doubt for the hop heads and appeals to more adventurous palates. One whiff of this double dry-hopped IPA and hop-lovers will be swooning. The brew is sneaky in the fact that the big hop aromas and flavors conceal how high the ABV is. This beer passes along loads of flavor and aroma without the bitterness typical of a beer this hoppy and will have drinkers loving the tropical fruit notes. We double dry-hop with loads of Cascade, Centennial and Comet to achieve this hop-lover’s delight.


Mango Pale Ale

5.6% ABV // IBUs 40 // SRM 6.7

Available: February until it runs out

Mangolorian Mango Pale Ale was originally introduced as Aroma Dance in 2017 as a collaboration with one of our favorite beer bars Link’s Taproom. We crave the beer so much that we brought it back as a regular specialty rotation. A clean, bright and frothy Pale Ale with delicate aromas from Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops with a punch of flavor from the mango added during fermentation. This is the way we brew.


Rye Pale Ale

5.5% ABV // IBUs 35 // SRM 4

Available: March to June

Heliotropic Rye Pale Ale blossomed one year on a fresh spring day. This bright and beautiful beer smacks you in the nose with pineapple, grapefruit and hints of resin from the massive amounts of Comet hops we throw in, and Comet is the only hop used in this beer. Brewed with generous amounts of wheat and rye, producing a beer with a dense mouthfeel and spicy malt flavor. Turn your face to the sun and follow this beer into the summer.

Gamma Ray

Ginger Wheat

5.8% ABV // IBUs 25 // SRM 5

Available: May to July

Gamma Ray Ginger Wheat was designed to be the perfect pairing for food. We began with a classic Witbier malt bill then added our own twist by tossing fresh ginger root and lime zest into the boil while adding cracked black and pink peppercorns as a “dry hop”. The body of this beer is light and spritzy with just a touch of tartness to help round out all the flavors and make the ginger and citrus sing. Gamma Ray is ultra refreshing especially when consumed with full flavored, spicy or floral foods, especially grilled veggies.

fruited symbiotic

Kettle Sour with Fruit

4.8% ABV // IBUs 7 // SRM 6.8

Available: June until it runs out

Fruited Symbiotic is our Summer seasonal. We take our award-winning Symbiotic Kettle Sour and ferment it with a different fruit each year. Symbiotic gets its name from the way our yeast and lactobacillus bacteria work in conjunction and adding fruit to it adds another layer of flavor complexity. It is a perfect option for consumers looking for a point of entry into the burgeoning sour beer category and reminds people of delicate light wine and beer fused together; the perfect hot weather beverage. This beer will make you explode with excitement and yearn for more.


Oatmeal Stout

5.5% ABV // IBUs 30 // SRM 30

Available: August to December

Singularity Oatmeal Stout is massively loaded with three different types of oats into a sessionable stout recipe. Featuring raw, malted and caramelized oats, Singularity possesses an immensely full body and mouthfeel. Rich, roasty flavors of coffee and cocoa linger on the palate while a frothy, tan head blankets the beer down to the last sip. When on nitro it gives Guinness a run for its money. So sessionable it’s hard to just have a single beer.

phase transition

Robust Porter

7.8% ABV // IBUs 30 // SRM 32

Available: September to January

Phase Transition Robust Porter was our original dark beer. Our goal was to make a beer that plays on the subtleties of chocolate and dark fruit flavors. To that end, we used two chocolate malts baked up by some menacingly dark English Crystal Malt to yield notes of dried cherries, caramelized raisins, and pure dark chocolate. What really makes the beer is the addition of piloncillo brown sugar which brings an extra layer of complexity while allowing the beer to be dry with a slight rummy finish. Drinking this liquid will turn you into a solid state of floating on air.


Baltic Porter

9.0% ABV // IBUs 30 // SRM 40

Available: December to March

Endothermic Baltic Porter is an interpretation of our favorite style of dark beer. We enjoy how the lagering process smooths out the heavy roasted flavors. Endothermic is a full bodied, well balanced and incredibly smooth dark beast. A roasty nose with flavors of salted chocolate, raisin and coffee finishing with a silky smooth mouthfeel. You can hardly tell this beer is at 9.0% ABV. Every year we age this beer in different bourbon barrels so keep an eye out for our super limited releases of the barrel aged version.


Imperial Rye Stout

8.0% ABV // IBUs 40 // SRM 40

Available: January until it runs out

Neutronium Imperial Rye Stout is a special release we do each year because it is one of our favorite base beers for aging in whiskey barrels. Always a limited release because we only put to market the extra beer that doesn't make it into barrels. Full bodied from additions of rye and chocolate rye with an aromatic balance of Amarillo hops. Flavors of dark fruit, cold brewed coffee and toasted bread with a higher bitterness than normal from the hops produces a highly dense beer that will compose a symphony of flavor in your mouth.

earthworm jim

Wormwood Pale Ale

5.0% ABV // IBUs 35 // SRM 7.4

Available: ???

Earthworm Jim Wormwood Pale Ale originally started as a homebrew from Head Brewer Jacob’s collection of recipes. He loved it so much he had to share it with the rest of Chicago, and there’s no better market to do it in! This Pale Ale starts with a simple malt bill and has a blast of flavor from Citra and Azacca hops, even though they are used in small amounts. We add wormwood at the end of the boil for a little extra bitterness, herbal aroma, pine and grassy flavors to balance the juicy hops. Line up Malört lovers, this one is for you!


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