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                        New England India Pale Ale                         

6.8% ABV // IBUs 40 // SRM 4

Available: OCT 14th!

Adamantium New England Style IPA  is our hard hitting hazy champion that appears randomly throughout the year. This double bladed shield breaker is brewed with heavy amounts of Citra and Galaxy hops. British yeast, flaked oats and wheat along with late hop additions gives this beer a smooth and rounded mouthfeel with a hint of sweetness without any lingering bitterness. Where is Adamantium when not available? Somewhere traveling around the galaxy in search of juicier hops. 

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American Pub Ale

4.4% ABV // IBUs 35 // SRM 14

Avenger American Pub Ale started as a taproom small batch that  grew quickly in popularity so we decided to send a batch to the market. The style drinks like an Amber Lager, but it has a slightly lower carbonation to drink like an English Pub Ale. Munich and caramel malts tend towards a sweet body with a higher-than-average amount of hops to balance the sweetness. The result is a very drinkable beer loaded with malt flavor, a creamy mouthfeel and full body. This beer will unite your taste buds enough to help fight off alien invasions!

Here is a list of places you can find Avenger:

-Randee's Food & Liquor

-Rewired Pizza Cafe and Bar

-Potash Markets (State)

-Bitter Pops

-Leland Liquors

-BWS Beverage #1

-Edgewater Food Wine and Spirits

-Miska's (Portage Park)

RL Symbiotic

Sour Ale

5.5% ABV // IBUs 35 // SRM 4

COMING 6/24!

The Symbiotic Sour ale is a year-round favorite at the Brewery.  Still, every year, we try exciting new varieties to keep you on your toes and this year's version is absolutely delicious!  May we introduce: Raspberry Lemonade Symbiotic Sour Ale!

It will only be here for a limited time so get some while you can!


Lemon Shandy

5.5% ABV // IBUs 35 // SRM 4

COMING 6/24!

Just in time for Summer, known colloquially as "Shandy-Season", this wheat ale with fresh meyer lemons will definitely help you pass those long, hot, summer afternoons.  Coming in at 3.8% ABV, it's extremely crushable.  This delicious, bright brew will keep you feeling quenched while you go the distance this season!


Rye Pale Ale

5.5% ABV // IBUs 35 // SRM 4

Available: April release

Heliotropic Rye Pale Ale blossomed one year on a fresh spring day. This bright and beautiful beer smacks you in the nose with pineapple, grapefruit and hints of resin from the massive amounts of Comet hops we throw in, and Comet is the only hop used in this beer. Brewed with generous amounts of wheat and rye, producing a beer with a dense mouthfeel and spicy malt flavor. Turn your face to the sun and follow this beer into the summer

Ginger Wheat

5.8% ABV // IBUs 25 // SRM 5

Available: May release

Gamma Ray Ginger Wheat was designed to be the perfect pairing for food. We began with a classic Witbier malt bill then added our own twist by tossing fresh ginger root and lime zest into the boil while adding cracked black and pink peppercorns as a “dry hop”. The body of this beer is light and spritzy with just a touch of tartness to help round out all the flavors and make the ginger and citrus sing. Gamma Ray is ultra refreshing especially when consumed with full flavored, spicy or floral foods, especially grilled veggies.

Gamma Ray