"come drink and do stuff."

Space Mk 2 square.jpg


Brewed In partnership with The Adler Planetarium

Sour Ale

4.5% ABV // IBUs 7 // SRM 2.6

Available: Random Release!


Space for Everyone Mk. II is a light, easy drinking and refreshing Sour Ale brewed with Red Pomelo. The body is given from additions of Flaked Wheat and Pilsner malt. There is minimal hop presence with a tart and fruity finish. The Red Pomelo lends all the fun flavors of grapefruit without the bitterness. It is the perfect patio beer for the upcoming Spring season. 


Helles Lager 

4.8% ABV // IBUs 20 // SRM 3.0

Available: Random Release!

HeLa is a true interpretation of what we have come to learn and love about lagers, which we believe to be the immortal style of beer. It will never die! Pilsner and Vienna lend dominant grain flavors of fresh barnyard, hay/straw, toasted bread and a hint of beechwood smoke with a clean and refreshing finish. Subtle aromas from Northern Brewer hops and a golden clear color with a frothy white head that   laces the glass to the last drop. We’ll be honest, this is a hela good beer!


Session Hazy Pale Ale

4.0% ABV // IBUs 28

Available: Spring and Summer

Subatomic Session Hazy Pale Ale is the newest hoppy beer in our time vortex. To create an easy drinking yet super flavorful beer we shrunk down the ABV, IBU and in turn the calories as well. At 4.0% ABV this Pale Ale is the most crushable beer on the market and it doesn't lack in flavor. Idaho 7 and Wakatu hops provide a tropical yet dank profile that will invigorate your palate while only consuming in 120 calories. Welcome to the Quantum Realm.


New England India Pale Ale

6.8% ABV // IBUs 40 // SRM 4

Available: Random Release!

Adamantium New England Style IPA  is our hard hitting hazy champion that appears randomly throughout the year. This double bladed shield breaker is brewed with heavy amounts of Citra and Galaxy hops. British yeast, flaked oats and wheat along with late hop additions gives this beer a smooth and rounded mouthfeel with a hint of sweetness without any lingering bitterness. Where is Adamantium when it isn't available? Somewhere traveling around the galaxy in search of juicier hops. 


Brewed In partnership with Hexe coffee

Coffee Brown Ale

6.0% ABV // IBUs 20 // SRM 18

Available: Random Release!

A light and easy drinking Brown Ale brewed with cold brew coffee added post fermentation. We partner with a different local coffee roaster for every brew to bring out different types of roast and coffee flavor. Flaked oats lend a full body to this light ale with brown and chocolate malts lending the roasted, chocolate and cold brew coffee flavors. This beer tastes great...even for breakfast!