Our brewers are hard at work brewing up the delicious Empirical beer that you love to drink. On this page, you will see what we are currently working on, and what beers we have on deck. We also offer full grain home brew kits put together by our brewers so that you can brew your favorite beers at home.

What's brewing on the Pilot system?

Dry Hopped          Rosemary Lager       Smoked Ale     Strawberry Rhubarb          Walter
   Pilsner                                               w/ Watermelon              NEIPA                    White Ale

All grain kits for home brewers

All grain kits are available for home brewers! Choose between any of our year round or seasonal beers. We provide the grain mix, yeast, and hops for a 5 gallon recipe, depending on what we have in stock. Email for recipe planning and pick up date. You will have to plan this in advance. 

Speaking of home brewing...

Our staff loves everything that is fermentation.  We all have a unique background ranging from brewing to baking to pickling and beyond. I guess you could say yeast is our collective best friend. Most of us spend our free time making some sort of delicious concoction at home. Here is what our staff has been up to lately--


Jacob, a lover of all organisms with a tendency to dive head first into things he enjoys, always has a lot of projects going on at once. Most days, it's an "...I need two kitchens" kind of situation. Current projects include-

-4 year aged lambic style ale aging on michigan peaches

-1.5 year aged lambic style ale aging on red heart plums

-blend of 4 and 1.5 year aged lambic style ales aging on blueberries

-"Yeast Infection" wild ale mk. 2, aging stage


-elderberry mead, conditioning stage

-raspberry mead, conditioning stage

-apple and pomegranate kombucha, second ferment

-straight up kombucha, first ferment

Jacob also regularly feeds both of his sourdough and rye starters and has plentiful pickles and pickled jalapenos. 



Amy loves being in the kitchen. Her current project is making the best kimchi ever, and she regularly bakes. Homemade sourdough bread, muffins, pasta and pizza are her jams. She even named her sourdough starter "Elanor Sour-strop". Amy and her husband Dennis have brewed a few batches at home before, but Dennis is a great chef, so food takes priority in their household.