pest control at it's best."

venkman, ray, and egon

Arguably our most important and loved Empirical employees are our pest control team, Venkman, Ray, and Egon. They're very good at what they do! Having brewery and distillery cats has become a very popular way to safely control pests in places where there is lots of tasty grain to munch on. Our three cats, named after the Ghostbusters, have been busting pests with such precision and dedication that they certainly deserve lots of pets. Venkman and Egon are two lovely tabby cats, and Ray is a handsome black cat.

We adopted our three brewery cats from Tree House Humane Society, a company that takes in stray and abandoned cats in order to rehabilitate them and find them loving forever homes.


We're sad to say that we also had a fourth member of our brewery cat squad, Gozer, but she passed away. She lives on in our brewing, though, with a barleywine named in her honor.

Come by for a Saturday afternoon brewery tour and if you're lucky you'll see all of them working hard!


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Phone: (773).293.7896

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