"We're all a bunch of nerds."

Empirical is named after our process: we use empirical observations to improve our beer.

The brewers test new recipes on a custom 1-barrel pilot system on a regular basis with two goals in mind: explore new styles, or refine previously created recipes. Our brewery is our laboratory, and we often collect feedback from our customers on our experimental recipes. Almost all our equipment is brand new, state of the art, and American made.

Our Logo

The Empirical logo is a stylized ancient hieroglyph of a clay jug with a pointed base that represented the word for beer in the cuneiform language.

"Beer" and "bread" were the most common word. "Beer" resembled the fermentation vessels used at the time. The symbol was modernized and turned into an "E".

Our logo is an homage to the past and a symbol of the present.