BR.OSON Wild Belgian India Pale Ale is a wild ale based off a Belgian style India Pale Ale. We ferment the beer with both Belgian ale yeast and Brettanomyces and let it sit from six to eight months while the Brettanomyces adds funk to the beer. Before packaging we heavily dry hop. It’s tropical and pineapple aromas come from Comet hops. Brettanomyces lends funky, barnyard, hay and earthy flavors while the hops take over the aroma and give tropical fruit overtones. The Belgian yeast blends comfortably with the Brettanomyces. Over time this beer will lend more of the funky flavors as the hop profile fades.

Bottled in July 2020.

ABV: 6.2%  IBUs:  40  SRM: 6.7


BR.OSON - Wild Belgian IPA