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"come drink and do stuff."

nerdy bingo

Join us every Tuesday at 7:00PM at the Empirical Taproom for Nerdy Bingo! What makes it nerdy, you may ask? You get to hang out in our nerdy decked-out taproom, listen to our awesome host crack jokes and call numbers, and chat with other nerdy individuals who love beer and fandoms of all types!

Bingo starts at 7:00PM every Tuesday. It's free to play, and you can win prizes!

Nintendo 64 game nights

Remember the 90s when your friends would sit around in bean bags, playing Nintendo 64 and eating Dunk-a-roos?

We may not have bean bags and Dunk-a-roos (YET), but we DO have Nintendo 64! Join us the first Wednesday night of every month at 7:00PM for Nintendo 64 Game Nights at Empirical Brewery!

Classic arcade rules: You sign up for one of the four controller spots. The person who ends up in 1st place after the game finishes stays on their controller, while the other three spots rotate to the next three people on the list. We'll go through as many games in one night as we can!

Games include all the classics and will vary by week:
Mario Kart 64
Golden Eye
Donkey Kong Racing
Super Smash Brothers
and MORE!